Our innovative approach benefits all actors:

  • Primarily the patient, who has improved understanding of the medication treatment, the instructions to which she/he must comply, a reliable drug organizing and reminding service combined among other advanced features with a continuous detailed (medication) and overall (treatment) automated evaluation service.
The patient can go on with her/his life. Smart4Health lifts the anxiety of keeping up with the treatment.

  • The doctor who through Smart4Health has an organized view of his/hers patients medication profile management, history, patient compliance to treatment instruction and a full set of tools that add personalized patient value to the doctor’s medical practice.
The Doctor has a streamlined, value-added and easier practice.

  • The professional caregiver who has a structured basis for the patient treatment on top of added value tools of patient – treatment performance monitoring and predefined caregiving and communication pathways covering the treated patient.
The Caregiver is more than ever confident of his/her care services, knows exactly what to do and how his/her patients perform.

  • The family members that may either assume the role of the dedicated caregiver or oversee the patient’s condition and the caregivers performance. Either way the family members are always informed of the patient’s compliance to the prescribed medication scheme and the associated treatment instructions and most importantly of the evolution of the patient’s condition.
Families are more than ever assured that their loved ones are in good hands and keeping up treatment instructions