Technology-How to

"3G devices, broadband & fast mobile internet, smartphones, iOS, Android, tablet devices, web servers & services etc etc..."

At last IT Hi-Tech  buzzwords that are made to make sense, and gadgets that are put to service for a better health for all.

Smart4Health develops advanced IT solutions that are based on

  • a centralized web vault with secure web access
  • smartphone (iPhone & Android family) applications for client devices, with embedded logic and specialized internet access to central server services (patients, doctors, caregivers, family)
  • tablet device (iPAD, & Android family) applications for Health Care professionals (Doctors)
All these are put together, to bring together
  • Health communities (HCPs, Doctors, Caregivers, Families) and place the
  • Patient at the center of attention,  aware, informed and able to control his/her condition, make educated decisions and lead a better life.